Beta Delta Chapter History

In January of 2012, an interest group, Chicas Latinas Unidas, was formed. CLU sought to establish the first Latin-based sorority at the College of William and Mary.

This would be a huge step towards promoting diversity at a university of many firsts and traditions. The ladies spent months deliberating which Greek organization would suit their ideals and hopes for the future of Greek Life at William & Mary.

After much collaboration and consideration, they decided on the most precious and rare, Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Incorporada.

Las RaiĀ­ces Cromaticas were founded on April 7, 2013, making Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Incorporada the first non-NPHC, minority Greek organization to be established at the birthplace of all Greek organizations. The line was led by Membership Process Coordinator Christina Delgado, Hermana Salerosa.

The founders of the William and Mary Colony of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Incorporada are:

#1 Quetzabel Benavides - Hermana Cohuatlicue

#2 Nicole Chanduvi - Hermana Carbonera

#3 Alexandra Court - Hermana Sofisticada

#4 Kathleen Tolentino-Gonzalez - Hermana Celestina Amalie

#6 Jennifer Schulz - Hermana Politica

#7 Almendra Terrones - Hermana Xylina

#8 Chelsea Higgins - Hermana Ecuestre

#9 Fiona Ryan - Hermana Verde

#11 Kaitlyn Fields - Hermana Fisica